He was born on 4 November 1960 in Vatero, Kozani, where he spent his formative years. He finished third grade in the village and completed his primary education in Germany where his family had emigrated. He returned for a short time to Vatero where he worked as an assistant to his godfather, who was an artisan cabinet maker. At the age of 18 Avraam again leaves to join his father in Germany in order to seek better and more rewarding job opportunities. Initially, he works in the city's slaughterhouses and later is employed to practice his trade. He then returns to Greece to complete his military service for 2 years. After being discharged from the army and for the next 6 months he again works alongside his godfather. In 1982 Avraam opened his own shop making lounges and furniture. Gradually he made his way into the wooden framing business and in 1985 he entered the industry even more vigorously, building a new type of wooden framing which was made after the German style, but was retractable.

In 1989 Avraam started the company VIEKKO S.A. Within a few years the company was established in the field of frames where it manufactures very good quality wooden frames, as well as interior and exterior doors. In 1992, while the company already had a very good reputation, it created new partnerships with the largest hotel groups in the country, which have successfully continued to this day. The achievements of VIEKKO SA led it to expand its activities in the retail market for easier and better promotion of its products, in 2004 in Athens and in 2009 in the city of Thessaloniki.

Since 1984 he has been married to  Melpomene Georgiadou, current vice-president of the company and characterized by her responsible and dynamic nature. Working next to Avraam for the company, she supports his every step. Their eldest daughter, Zacharoula, is involved in interior design. Avraam's second daughter is called Evangelia, studied accounting and is currently Head of the sales and promotion department of the family business. His third daughter is called Chrysovalantou and is a graduate of the Department of Wood & Furniture Design & Technology in Karditsa.

Avraam Davidopoulos believes that with work, perseverance and effort a person can achieve their dreams. According to him, the basic principles on which every person's life should be founded are honesty and responsibility.